My name is Danielle Janay and writing is my passion. I discovered my love for writing after I made a few blogs just for fun. After that, I became obsessed. My latest blog, Danielle Janay, covers natural health, beauty, and lifestyle tips which I update weekly. 

I bought myself a Nikon last summer and basically taught myself everything I know about photography. I like to use my blog as a tool to get better at my photography and writing skills, as I hope to make a profession out of it. 

Aside from my blogging hobby, I am also receiving my Bachelor's Degree this July. I studied Communication, with an emphasis on Journalism. I am also an avid yogi and hiker! I also love taking bike rides along the trail as well.

 I am a vegan, but I wasn't always. For the past 8 years I was a vegetarian, but in 2016, I decided to become a vegan. I feel so much better and full of life! 

I am a model in the SF Bay area with Boom Agency, where I have done commercial work for companies such as Wells Fargo & 24hr Fitness.

 I hope to stay in California as long as I can, but I am ready to see where the world takes me!


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