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My Favorite Vegan Winter Drink

Even though California weather can be very unpredictable, it has been rather cold the past few weeks!
As the temperature drops, my daily tea intake increases substantially (even though I already drink an unhealthy amount on normal days). 
Some of my favorite teas are chai and earl grey, with a touch of cream. Lately, I have been warming and frothing my cream which is a total game changer! This Sur La Table frother is similar to mine, and not too expensive either :) 
With all that said, my go-to drink this winter has been a cacao chai tea latte!

♡ Starbucks mug from Disneyland Resort Anaheim ♡
Simple Vegan Cacao Chai Tea Recipe:
-1 tsp loose leaf chai tea -1 tbsp organic cacao powder -1 tbsp coconut sugar or agave -3 tbsp non-dairy creamer or milk -dash of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
-Prepare loose leaf tea in an infuser and place in mug with cacao powder -Pour almost boiling water into mug and let tea and cacao steep covered for 5-7 mins -Warm cream/milk while tea steeps …