This morning, my friend and I woke up for the 8:30am spin class at the new SoulCycle studio in Walnut Creek!

I have always wanted to try SoulCycle, and had a few free passes given to me during the promotion for their grand opening, so I figured I might as well go soon!

So, my friend and I walk in and immediately we were in awe of how sleek, clean, and bright everything was! It was like walking into the studio of your dreams! 
We filled out all of our paperwork, tried on some clip-in shoes (they cost $3 to rent), and headed to the lockers to get ready before class.

The studio was so welcoming and had everything from hairbands to deodorant to back you up in case you forgot anything!

Now, about the class.

At first, I was extremely intimidated. There are so many bikes and it seemed like everyone was a regular, so I felt a little anxious, but just wanted to see what all the hype was about!

The second the class starts, you're nonstop moving.
 I felt like I was going to die the first 10 mins, but then, everything just felt right. 
The music was on point, and so loud I couldn't even hear my own panting (although sometimes it made me want to sing along and I quickly realized how hard it is to spin and sing).
Since you're clipped into the bike, once you start going, it's hard to stop! So, there was never a moment when I was still, and I was okay with that.

I loved how fast-paced the workout was, and how it incorporated hand weights and movements to get a full body sweat.
I was seriously even sweating on my abs ---- it was that intense. 

Needless to say, all the times I almost lost my breath, I kept at it and I am glad I did.
I felt so refreshed and full of energy leaving the studio!

SoulCycle is my new detox :)

Have you guys tried SoulCycle? What do you think?

xo Danielle


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