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So recently I stopped by my all-time favorite store, Lush, to pick out a face mask that will help calm my crazy skin. I have had many of their face masks before (another favorite: Don't Look At Me mask; it has a beautiful blue hue and rice for exfoliation), but this time I wanted something that was a little more gentle but still effective!

After getting suggestions from the sales associates, I decided on Rosy Cheeks, which contains calamine powder and rose to help calm the skin.

Since this is a fresh face mask, it has to be kept in the fridge! Not only does this help preserve the mask, but putting a cold face mask on your face helps to reduce puffiness and will tighten your pores (not to mention it feels absolutely refreshing!). 

I love Lush because they add little photos of the people who make each product! This mask was made by Kate; thanks Kate! :)

The mask is 100% vegan + cruelty free and contains all natural ingredients such as:

- Calamine Powder
- Rose Clay
- Rose Petals
- Rose Oil

I definitely recommend this mask to anyone dealing with redness, puffiness, or just those of you who have sensitive skin!

Let me know what your favorite masks are :)

xo Danielle


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