My New Diffuser! | NOW Ultrasonic Bamboo Diffuser Review

Recently, my $15 essential oil diffuser broke, so I figured it was time I make an investment (kind of).

I started searching online and was looking for something sophisticated, yet not too abstract. My last diffuser started to look a little dingy, so I wanted something that was higher quality.
Many of the diffusers I found online had some type of bottle neck, or vase shape ---- both of which I did not want. I liked the cylinder style, so I found a few that I liked and read some reviews to help me make my decision.

The one I ended up getting was the Now Foods Ultrasonic Bamboo Diffuser!

*This is a cold diffuser that maintains the essential oil properties through a cool mist, as opposed to a heat diffuser which will break down the goodness in the oils*

The body has a bamboo finish, and has a small band on the top that displays a rainbow of colors if you put it on the light setting! I like this diffuser because it is pretty customizable. You can change your settings depending on what you need!

For misting, there is either a Continuous or Intermittent setting, which allows you to have a continuous flow of mist or just a spray of mist every few seconds! (This is nice if you have a strongly scented oil in the diffuser).

There is also a timer, which can be set for 1 hour or 2 hours, which is perfect for nighttime so you don't have to worry about letting it run overnight ---- It can run up to 7 hours on continuous mode!

The last setting is the light setting where you get to choose the color of the light band at the top of the diffuser. The first is a rainbow light that displays a slow array of colors, the second allows you to stop at any color you'd like and keep it there, and the third shows no light!

I am in love with this diffuser and it is pretty affordable at just under $40.

Take a look at some of my pictures of this beautiful diffuser!

The refreshing blend I used this morning was 5 drops of Sweet Orange oil and 3 drops of Lemongrass Oil. Enjoy xo


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