5 Reasons Why I Do Yoga

Here are the 5 reasons why I practice yoga:
1. To relax. I began to notice that I usually turn to yoga when I am stressed or tense. Being a full time student is hard, on top of all the other daily worries I face. I notice that I tense up my shoulders and back when I get stressed, so practicing yoga helps me to relax my body when it feels too tight.

2. To get energized! Contrary to the previous point, I also like doing yoga when I feel a bit sluggish. Any type of exercise releases endorphins into your system, making you feel happy and energized. Yoga helps me to fully wake up my body.

3. To stay motivated. One of my favorite things about yoga is how challenging it can be. I am a total perfectionist, but I know that perfection is impossible. What I love about yoga is that it makes me think about how I can become stronger for the future instead of trying to do everything right. Yoga is a process, and it really makes you think about your body and why you're practicing in the first place. 

4. To stay fit. Yoga is one of the best exercises for the body. It strengthens, tones, and stretches out the body, giving you full body love! With all the different forms of yoga, there is something for everyone. From hatha yoga to vinyasa flow, you can get any level of workout that you want from your practice. 

5. To stay sane! On top of everything I have going on, one thing I know I have control over is my body. Practicing yoga, even by just doing a few poses here and there, helps me to realize how grounded I am. When I get busy and feel like I am overwhelmed with life, practicing yoga helps me get in tune with my body, and gives me something to look forward to. 

Now go out and do some yoga!
xo Danielle


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