The Beauty of Gardening

My favorite part of spring is all the new vegetation! I get so excited every time I see a tiny flower sprouting along the side of a trail. One of my favorite ways to celebrate this season is to get out and garden. 

I personally am always running around busy, but I made some time early this year to get out and garden. I took a gardening course at my college where we learned about native California plants, and that really sparked my interest.
I planted a few natives around the garden and propagated some house plants for myself as a token! 

Here is some of the Rainbow Chard I planted: 

One of my favorite ways to get grounded is being in nature. When you're living amongst the plants it makes you feel more at home and serene, something you can't find in the streets of the city. 

Being in California is such a blessing because we have so many beautiful plants and recreational areas that celebrate the natural beauty of this state. 

If you want to get more involved with gardening, check out local gardens and volunteer! Not only will you learn invaluable lessons, you may also get to take some produce home! It's a win-win situation :)

My advice to you is to go out and enjoy nature! There's no way anyone can be in a bad mood when you're surrounded by so much beauty. 

I love taking pictures of plants and the natural wonders of the earth, so I will be sharing plenty in the future! 

For now, here's a picture of the succulents in the garden: 

I hope you find some time to go outside and celebrate the beauty that God has created for us! 

Xo Danielle 


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