Facial Oils

One of my favorite skincare products is my facial oil. Now you may wonder what I mean by facial oil as there are varying types of these products. Personally, I am referring to both facial oil cleansers and facial oil moisturizers.

If you're anything like me, your skin gets a little dry around the winter/spring months, and no amount of moisturizer will keep my skin hydrated.

This past winter I tried out the Nuance Marigold Cleansing Facial Oil, and fell in love. It retails for about $20 at CVS or on Amazon.com, but it has lasted me a few months so I say it is worth every dollar.

So here's how it works: you pump 1-2 pumps of the facial oil onto your palm and smooth across your face. (If your skin is extra dry, let it soak in for a few mins before you wash it off so that the oil can really penetrate your skin). Wash off and pat dry with towel, do not scrub!

I follow that cleanser with either the Miracle Oil facial oil or the Rosehip Collagen Facial Oil. Both oils contain therapeutic grade essential oils that are 100% natural. I switch off on application depending on what my skin needs.

The Miracle Oil works best when I am having a breakout or have some acne scars, as it contains tea tree and hemp oil which help to calm irritated skin.

The Rosehip Oil helps to keep your skin elastic, filling in wrinkle lines, and also smoothes out skin while deeply hydrating. I use this when I feel like my skin is extra dry and tight!

Facial oils are suitable for everyone, regardless of skin type. Even if you're oily, this will help to balance out natural oils in your skin to work with your oil production.

I hope you check out these oils and let me know what you think!
xo Danielle


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