On My Radar....

Recently, I have been switching up my skincare routine in order to give my skin a break from my usual wash. I found a few sample bottles of Image Skincare face products from my last competition at Miss California 2015, so I decided to give them a try.

Here are the main products I used:

Stem Cell Facial Cleanser

This product was one of the best facial cleansers I have ever used. The directions say to massage it into your face for about a minute, and it just cleans deep into your pores. When I wash all the cleanser off,  I not only feel refreshed, but I feel like my skin is a lot healthier!

Stem Cell Serum

This serum soaks into your skin leaving your skin feeling tight, but moisturized. I think of this serum a lot like I would a toner. I felt as though my skin was a lot smoother after using this for a few days along with the Stem Cell Creme at night and the Daily Tinted Moisturizer in the morning.

Stem Cell Creme

Using this creme right after letting that serum soak in, is just what my skin needs to stay moisturized all through the night. The product is not too heavy and leaves my skin feeling super soft up until the break of dawn.

Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

I have been on a search to find a tinted moisturizer that can replace my usual foundation and concealer. This is that tinted moisturizer. Not only is there sunscreen in this product (which should always be in your daily moisturizer.....), but there are a bunch of skin-saving anti-oxidants to keep your skin glowing! I mostly love wearing this moisturizer because it means that I don't have to wear makeup --- there is just enough coverage that I don't feel bad walking out of my house bare-faced!

If you are looking for new products to try check out Image Skincare!!



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