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Getting Fit

So recently my boyfriend was hired as a Spin instructor, so naturally, I want to take all of his classes.

Let me tell you a few things about me first:

1. I don't really like to exercise, mostly due to the fact that I have really bad joint issues which make it hard for consistent workouts.
2. I get discouraged if I am not the best at everything I do, so trying a new exercise routine apart from yoga was a bit intimidating.

I thought that my boyfriend being a spin instructor would actually get me to workout again. And I was right!
Having my boyfriend as a coach and a supporter has really helped me to learn how to properly spin and how to get the most out of my workout.

Spin is hard. A lot harder than I imagined. But, at the end of the day, that one hour workout makes you feel like you were just sweating at the gym for 3 hours. That's no joke.

So, if you're looking for a new workout routine, or just some cardio to fit into your schedule, take a spin class! For an hour, you get…

Favorite Snack

Throughout my childhood, my mom always made my brother and I the most delicious snacks. And usually, they weren't very common ones! One of my favorite snacks she would make would be Strawberries & milk.
Now, I don't drink dairy milk, so now, I make this snack with coconut or almond milk. (I prefer the coconut taste with the strawberries.
All you have to do to make this delectable treat is cut up around 8-10 strawberries in half (cut off the top), put into a bowl, and add milk! Just like your favorite cereal.
Its delicious & nutritious. Give it a try!

On My Radar....

Recently, I have been switching up my skincare routine in order to give my skin a break from my usual wash. I found a few sample bottles of Image Skincare face products from my last competition at Miss California 2015, so I decided to give them a try.

Here are the main products I used:

Stem Cell Facial Cleanser

This product was one of the best facial cleansers I have ever used. The directions say to massage it into your face for about a minute, and it just cleans deep into your pores. When I wash all the cleanser off,  I not only feel refreshed, but I feel like my skin is a lot healthier!

Stem Cell Serum

This serum soaks into your skin leaving your skin feeling tight, but moisturized. I think of this serum a lot like I would a toner. I felt as though my skin was a lot smoother after using this for a few days along with the Stem Cell Creme at night and the Daily Tinted Moisturizer in the morning.

Stem Cell Creme

Using this creme right after letting that serum soak in, is just what my skin…

Staying Updated!

Do you have trouble staying on top of current events? I know I always feel like I am out of the loop when I hear my peers talking about the latest thing that has taken place in our world! Being a pageant girl, my coaches are always reminding me to stay on top of my current events, and I used to think it was impossible to be versed on every topic that's gracing the headlines........ Then I met theSkimm.
Let me introduce to theSkimm. This daily email article gives readers a shortened, more understandable, version of the top stories being talked about currently.
This newsletter encompasses both humor and education, which I love.
Sign up now for free! :)

Enjoy xoxo